Fashion houses have a special place in the world of luxury. Creators of trends and drivers of the sector, which influential labels can you name?

France: fashion houses with international influence

French haute couture made a name for itself in the 1940s and its reputation continues to grow. Fashion houses stand out from the crowd, bringing their positive influence to the world of luxury.

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that dominates the luxury world. It initially specialized in leather goods (the brand was founded by the manufacturer of the same name in 1854), but since the 2000s has expanded its scope to include ready-to-wear.  

The global influence of the Chanel fashion house is undeniable, and the brand continues to offer outstanding pieces to the public. The brand managed to diversify its activities: hats, accessories, clothing, then perfumes. Fashion shows turned into mega-shows and each event into a real ephemeral work of art.

Hermès, originally specialized in the production of harness and horse gear, influenced the world of events and luxury design. It was the founder's heirs who expanded the brand's range to include luggage, clothing, watches, jewelry and accessories. As a tribute to its origins, in 2009 the company created Saut Hermès, an international equestrian competition held annually in Paris' Grand Palais.  

Italian and American fashion houses: the influence of sportswear  

Gucci has been very active on the international scene, releasing virtual sneakers and collaborating with The North Face. The most influential figures in the fashion world have been spotted wearing Gucci clothing, and the brand's sportswear creations have spread throughout the blogosphere.

But it was Nike's influence that really brought sportswear into the world of high fashion. Its presence in the top luxury rankings shows that sportswear has taken a sustainable place in fashion.  

Fashion houses have had a colossal impact on the world of luxury. Today, they are among the largest international companies: for example, the value of Chanel is estimated at 18 billion euros. Their diverse and varied activities offer a wide range of job opportunities. However, to become part of these leading brands, you need to be trained at a specialized institution. For example, the EIML school in Paris trains future specialists in marketing and management in the luxury sector.

Couture houses continue to innovate and offer ever more surprising, unique and exceptional creations. As leaders in a sector that is constantly expanding, they provide many jobs for students trained in their respective institutions.


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