On Friday June 21, luxury car manufacturer Ferrari inaugurated a new state-of-the-art assembly plant at its historic headquarters in Maranello in northern Italy. This site will be the birthplace of the models of the future - including Ferrari's first 100% electric sports model, which will begin production from 2026. The purchase price will be €500,000 per unit, compared to 350,000 euros for the latest internal combustion engine model.

Electronic building

Ferrari is talking about an "electronic building" built with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The complex covers an area of just over four hectares (42,500 square meters) and will cost 200 million euros. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna also spoke at the opening of the new "e-building" and explained what it will be used for: "Here we will be able to assemble some of the strategic components of our electric car directly in the factory, such as the engine, the axle and the battery module. Here we will assemble all the vehicles in our range, including thermoelectric and hybrid vehicles, as we are convinced that the final choice of powertrain should be made by the customer." The e-building itself was constructed using sustainable technologies to minimize the impact on the environment.

He went on to explain the significance of the 'e' in the name: "It stands for three things: energy, evolution and the environment.  Energy, because this is where all three types of engines we will be offering will be produced: thermal, hybrid and electric. Evolution, because it allows us to make production more flexible. Environment, because it allows us to reduce emissions." According to Vigna, an important trait of Ferrari has always been to prioritize product quality over quantity, so the new plant aims to maintain that philosophy as well. He notes that the construction is not aimed at increasing production and explained that by 2025 Ferrari aims to switch to green electricity thanks to 9,000 solar panels.

Electric cars and hybrids

The building is already scheduled to start production in a few weeks, which will be partially powered by more than 3,000 solar panels installed on the roof. Ferrari promises that by the end of 2024, the factory will be fully powered by renewable energy. From 2025, the new line will be able to produce the Purosangue SUV and the SF90, Ferrari's first hybrid sports car, orders for which are already well underway.

The company's priority is the gradual transition to the production of electric vehicles - that all-electric models and hybrids should account for 60% of the group's total production by 2026 and about 80% by 2030. Within two years, 40% of Ferrari's financial investments will be allocated to hybrid cars and 35% to all-electric cars, which should further increase profits. Founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari, the brand has already broken all records in 2023, when net profit exceeded the billion euro mark for the first time.


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