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With the help of Forex it is quite realistic to get rich as there are a lot of opportunities for this. But, along with the number of traders, the number of fraudsters is also increasing. If you do not know how they operate, you can easily become their victims, losing not only invested but also earned money. No one is safe from their actions, because they often pretend to be proven brokers. Stocks Trends is not a fraud and here you can safely open an account. The company works officially, providing services not for the first year. Conditions are transparent, the same for all, there are several types of accounts. Licenses are valid, permits are available, there are no hidden fees. Everything is honest, payments are regular. On you can find all information about the broker, including contacts for communication. The broker does not lure with fabulous sums, informs about risks. Stocks Trends is not scam, it can be trusted. There is a set of proven tools, popular payment systems, free training. Access to personal round the clock, there are no problems with withdrawal requests. With this company is quite realistic to reach a good income.

How do you recognize a scammer?

Unscrupulous intermediaries run aggressive advertising, impose their services, unworkable schemes, dubious assets. They work quickly, assertively, and use manipulation. They may ask for payment for registration, give false guarantees, offer unprofitable trading signals. Stocks Trends is not a scam. There are no hidden commissions leading to unforeseen expenses. All conditions are negotiated before opening an account, and the user agreement is available at . The broker does not call from hidden numbers, does not send spam. Stocks Trends is legit, which is confirmed by payments and reviews. Plus, there is control by financial authorities, regular auditing. Full compliance with current market standards, no additional fees. Stocks Trends is not scam because it does not meet the typical signs of scammers, namely:

  • all clients' appeals are ignored. Unscrupulous companies do not provide feedback, because it is simply not profitable for them to contact traders. Stocks Trends is legit, so all requests are considered, and the support service is not only multilingual, but also round-the-clock. There are ways to contact the operators at;
  • the user agreement is changed arbitrarily. Naturally, no one informs clients about this, which results in unpleasant surprises. Stocks Trends does not set spontaneous commissions. All broker's commissions are fixed;
  • no genuine licenses. Scammers are not controlled by regulators, operate without registration, and therefore cannot confirm their legitimacy. In contrast, Stocks Trends is legit. Its activities are monitored by financial authorities, and licenses are freely available on its website;
  • the promise of suspiciously high profits. Scammers mostly lure customers that way. Stocks Trends is definitely not scam. No one makes false promises here, there is information about risks;
  • data manipulation. Some unscrupulous brokers, impose false trading signals, leading traders' accounts to losses. Stocks Trends is legit, so it publishes up-to-date quotes, does not manipulate prices;
  • pressure and aggression from employees. Scammers practice calls from hidden numbers, behave unprofessionally, impudently. Stocks Trends is not a scam. It does not send spam, does not ask for card passwords, does not give false guarantees;
  • questionable ways to conduct transactions. Stocks Trends is not fraudulent, for it works with verified payment systems, not limiting the size of payments.

Remember, scammers do not have adequate support service, free training, documents. This is the first thing you should pay attention to before opening an account with a broker.

Reviews of Stocks Trends

The most positive comments are collected on Trustpilot, Sitejabber. Everything indicates that the company is trustworthy, has a good reputation, and makes timely payments. No one has any problems with it, and registration is absolutely free.

Why open an account with Stocks Trends?

The mediator has been providing services for more than a year. It does not charge fictitious fines and creates comfortable conditions for trading. It has developed mobile trading, has an official website, an app, free training. The information section is updated daily. The company provides analytics, statistics, news, expert comments, as well as working trading signals. Stocks Trends legit and it has proven assets. There are shares of large companies, currency pairs, commodities. Stocks Trends is not a scam with which it is impossible to get money. It is a proven intermediary offering:

  • 24/7 customer service;
  • leverage;
  • a variety of account types;
  • free training;
  • fixed commissions;
  • trading terminals;
  • transparent terms.

Stocks Trends is not. It has an official website, mobile app, fast payouts.




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