Diagnosis, treatment and surgery: Innovators are changing healthcare with the latest technology. Here are five European start-ups in advanced medical technology.

Avelios Medical

Avelios Medical: data for research and patients Digital data is a valuable resource in the healthcare sector too. Munich-based start-up Avelios Medical collects information to improve treatment in clinics and provide new insights for research. The company's software forms the basis for a complete digitalization of the process of documenting patient care, which is also significantly faster, for example by automatically generating medical reports. The generated data also contributes to the successful completion of ongoing research projects. For example, images and metadata collected by Avelios Medical are now being used to train an algorithm to recognize skin diseases in the clinic.


Cureosity: gamification in medicine Immerse yourself in a virtual world and do something for your health at the same time: the many games of Düsseldorf-based start-up Cureosity can be useful for many people, such as patients with paralysis after a stroke, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, or those looking to regain mobility after surgery. With virtual reality glasses, the sky's the limit: For example, users can move into a virtual universe and try to physically fight meteorites. In addition, Cureosity's innovative software takes the pressure off therapists by, among other things, providing them with exercise plans.


Caresyntax: information as the key to a successful operation In the operating room, decisions have to be made carefully and often very quickly. Start-up company Caresyntax, headquartered in Warsaw and with three US offices in Boston, Milwaukee and San Francisco, offers software based on collective intelligence. The company of Björn von Siemens, the great-great-grandson of inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens, has already analyzed around 10 million transactions using artificial intelligence. The data and insights gained in this way can be used, for example, to prepare operations: putting together the right operations team, anticipating difficult situations and preventing risks. The Caresyntax platform provides peace of mind during the individual phases of surgery, comparable to the calming effect of an airplane computer during a flight.

Babylon Health

British company Babylon Health aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to "every person on the planet", primarily through telemedicine. The company has gained fame and credibility in the UK by providing online medical services to National Health Service (NHS) patients, such as video consultations and a chatbot for health assessments. Babylon Health currently works with most major NHS divisions, despite weak attempts by conservative doctors to protest the company.


MindMaze develops what it calls "human-machine interface" solutions, including virtual reality medical products for use in neurological rehabilitation in hospitals and at home. The company's MindMotion solution, which uses virtual environment technology, helps to increase patient motivation and engagement in the rehabilitation process. The solution enables healthcare professionals to provide optimal care throughout the patient's treatment process.


This will be an innovation in healthcare, Europe's pioneering technology on the road to excellence.


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