Ayrove is one of the many scam companies in the forex market. During the last month it managed to get a bad reputation and get into blacklists. In this article, we will review the main signs of unscrupulousness of this broker and warn you against potential risks.

Inaccurate information and lack of security

One of the main problems with Ayrove's website is inaccurate information and lack of proper security measures. The company's website looks unfinished and does not provide a secure connection. Contact and legal information is missing, and the user agreement contains many inaccuracies. The lack of transparency and integration with trusted services is also suspicious.

Negative reviews and low rating

Ayrove has a lot of negative reviews and a poor rating, which indicates the low quality of the company's work. The support service leaves much to be desired, operators do not respond to customer queries. Trading conditions are only available after registration, which limits transparency and increases risk for traders. Mobile trading is also underdeveloped and the regulators mentioned are unknown.

Lack of data protection and manipulation

Ayrove does not provide encryption and proper protection of their customers' data. They also falsify news and publish false analytical reports. The broker lures customers with implausible promises of high returns without warning them of the risks. They also actively run intrusive ads on social media and other platforms.

Suspicious signs on the Ayrove website

Ayrove's website is suspicious for a number of reasons. First, there is virtually no information about the company online other than negative reviews. The site is difficult to find in search engines, and the domain name was registered recently. The interface is unfinished, the sections are not filled to the end, and text blocks contain errors. There are no risk messages, but on the homepage there is an advertising banner with a tempting offer of quick earnings.

Other suspicious signs on Ayrove's website include:


  • Presence of third-party links
  • Incomplete trading terms and conditions prior to registration
  • Lack of a legal address and data privacy policy
  • No special encryption
  • Incorrect display of graphical elements
  • Recent domain name registration
  • Aggressive advertising
  • Dangers of downloading software and lack of payouts

Ayrove actively enforces downloading and installing unknown software and does not recommend using antivirus programs. The company does not publish up-to-date news and quotes, and access to the personal account can be blocked without warning. A lot of reviews indicate that it is almost impossible to get money from Ayrove. The company also uses bots to publish positive comments, which is an unfair practice.

Why you should not cooperate with Ayrove

Below are the main reasons why it is not recommended to open an account with Ayrove broker:


  • Lack of regulatory oversight
  • Incomplete user agreement
  • Unclear fines and sanctions
  • Use of unverified payment systems
  • Lack of secure connection
  • Automatic closing of positions
  • Inability to get paid
  • Hidden commissions
  • Failure to disclose risks
  • Unfinished website and new domain name
  • Promising unrealistic returns
  • Offer to invest in non-existent assets
  • Publishing false statistics
  • Lack of familiar market instruments
  • Hidden data
  • Low rating

Ayrove has a bad reputation, payment arrears and many negative reviews. It is a typical scammer without registration and licenses. The company violates market standards and sells ineffective courses. It is not recommended to trust Ayrove, as cooperation with it can only lead to loss of funds.


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