There are more scammers on the stock market, so now it is quite difficult to find a really normal broker for trading. There are plenty of companies, but where are the guarantees that they will not cheat and will actually provide payouts? There are thousands of stories on the network of people who have lost money because they did not use a bona fide broker. But, even among all the number of bad services there is one good one and it is Aegis Corporate Financial Services. It works absolutely legally, is regularly audited, provides financial statements. All documents are up to date, licenses are not fake, there is information about registration. The platform complies with the current norms and standards of Forex.


The tools offered to traders are quite legal, and there are no dubious strategies here. One of the features of the broker is considered to be the presence of multilingual, round-the-clock support that responds almost immediately. Aegis Corporate Financial Services is not a scam. This is indicated by hundreds of positive reviews and the presence of an official site with a secure connection. No one exerts pressure here, and the data of clients are reliably protected.

What are the tell-tale signs?

The first thing that stands out is the lack of normal documentation and regulatory oversight. Unscrupulous intermediaries often use other people's licenses and pass them off as their own. They can also forge them in editors to appear more reliable. In fact, everything is checked quite quickly, as there may simply be no corresponding entries in special registers. Scammers are also quite assertive. They begin to attack with calls, messages in social networks, sending a "favorable" offer several times a day. They can also begin to exert psychological pressure and try to manipulate. Such "brokers" are resourceful, so every time they apply new schemes and even copy the websites of legitimate companies. Here are some other obvious signs of scammers:


  • history. There are quite a few gaps in it or it is simply missing;
  • requesting the transfer of funds to staff members' personal accounts;
  • inadequate commissions (both inflated and underestimated) that are completely out of line with the market;
  • the site is unfinished. Many sections are not filled in, there are errors in text blocks;
  • paid training. Scammers really love it. They offer various courses, methodologies, manuals with the help of which you can supposedly earn in a day. Of course, all this pleasure does not come cheap;
  • customer data is not protected in any way, and the support service simply ignores customer requests;
  • the user agreement looks strange and there may be various contradictions in it;
  • contact information for contacting company representatives is either not provided or simply not up to date;
  • problem with withdrawal. Fraudsters can hinder in every possible way in obtaining funds, but most often reject the application. Plus, they do not have the usual payment systems;
  • the promise of exorbitant returns without the slightest loss;
  • third-party links on the site and the requirement to install third-party software on the device.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services is not scam as there is no single match on features, plus no one had problems with payments. Clients can count on quality service, transparent conditions, protection of personal data.

What do they usually write in reviews about the broker's work?

Aegis Corporate Financial Services is legit. The intermediary has a good reputation. He is trusted, so there are more than a million open accounts. For all the time of work, he has not violated the terms of the contract, has not misappropriated other people's money, has not declared bankruptcy. A number of positive reviews posted on Trustpilot and Sitejabber indicate the following:


  • the company works honestly and does not reject withdrawal requests;
  • the money comes in pretty fast;
  • customer service responds promptly;
  • no withdrawal limits;
  • low commissions;
  • good, free training.

The broker has transparent terms and conditions, which is also noted in a number of comments.

How does the Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker work?

Quotes always correspond to the market. Penalties can be applied only if the client violates the user agreement and company rules. This is what else you can count on when opening an account here:


  •  instant execution of orders;
  • maintaining confidentiality and full data protection;
  • clear trading conditions;
  • low commissions;
  • convenient personal cabinet with a clear interface;
  • analytics, statistics, expert comments;
  • regular updates of the calendar of economic events;
  • Leverage (the amount depends on the type of account);
  • proven payment systems and trading terminals;
  • a wide variety of tools.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services not scam. The broker has an official website with a secure connection, valid licenses, there is a mobile application. No one here limits the choice of strategies and does not put a withdrawal limit.


I use a lot of different technical analysis tools and from this point of view I am completely satisfied with the Aegis Corporate Services platform. One time I couldn't find a specific indicator. I recognize that this is a rare tool and not everywhere it is available, but still I think that on the ACFS platform it should be. Since it is not there yet, I put ACFS.

For all the time I have been trading, I have made many attempts to create a strategy that generates sufficient income. I failed for several reasons. The main one was that I drew the wrong conclusions. Now I am working with it and everything is going well. I just wish that the withdrawal of money to the card would be faster.

What I like most about is their platform. I'm good with platforms. There is no unnecessary functionality on it as is often the case. I would like to see some commodities added to the platform.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services has about an equal number of advantages and disadvantages so I can't say I'm satisfied with them. It is definitely not a fraudulent company and that's the main thing. They also withdraw money without delays but their platform is not the most technologically advanced and in general they still have work to do. Therefore, I will not give them a positive evaluation.

I read the reviews on Aegis Corporate Financial Services, studied the documents and came to believe that it is possible to try to interact with them. I was not disappointed with the results. I wish they would add some cryptocurrencies to the platform.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services offers all the features of other brokers, but what sets it apart is its unique platform. I particularly appreciate the absence of slippages. In my two years of working with this broker, I have never encountered any issues on the platform. Although it did not have any catastrophic consequences, I still remember the time when Manager Dave Smith called me back late during an important moment. I hope this does not happen again.

During my time with the previous brokerage company, I encountered an issue where a limited order failed to execute, leading me to suspect foul play on the part of the company. In contrast, my experience with over the past six months has been problem-free. The only difficulty I faced was locating a specific graphical analysis tool, which was resolved with the assistance of my manager, Kai Yamato.

Has excellent customer service, surpassing that of Fidelity, Admirals, and other top companies. The manager, Joseph Kowalkowski, is always helpful in finding me the best deals. However, I do have one complaint: I trade cryptocurrencies on weekends and cannot always reach the managers immediately.

In my opinion, the mobile app is well-suited for intraday trading due to its comprehensive features. However, I experienced a delay of two days for funds to be credited to my account with the broker, which was disappointing.

I require low commissions for cryptocurrency trading. After calculating the amount of money I would save by paying the average market commission, I found that it is significantly higher. In this regard, the broker is ideal. Although there is one issue, where the manager has forgotten to call me back several times to discuss the opening of new positions, I am still satisfied with the broker's other important aspects, which warrant a high rating.

I like the desire for constant growth and the desire to earn more. A year ago, I set a goal to reach a new level, and the experts at Aegis Corporate Services helped me successfully achieve it. Additionally, the zero commissions could also contribute significantly to my financial achievements.

I was very short of new ideas. Not all the trading strategies I was learning were working when I realised I needed to change something. I was looking for a brokerage company that works with traders on the level of ideas, not purely sharing signals or offering relatively favourable commissions. This is exactly what I needed. The only thing missing is zero commissions.

The managers of Aegis Financial Services have repeatedly shown a genuine desire to help customers in unclear and difficult situations. In each case everything was successfully resolved, despite the fact that sometimes calls were made with slight delays.

Intraday works better for me than other trading styles. It is easier and more profitable. Of course, intraday requires, among other things, high-quality trading signals. Taking trading signals on some forums is a bad idea. I trust only reliable sources. In other places, they are mostly unprofitable.

I haven't used the ACFS mobile app so far, so I can't give my opinion about it. In general, the Aegis Corporate Services platform is superior to other brokerage platforms, but it has a noticeable disadvantage - not all commodities are represented on the platform, which prevents me from giving Aegis Financial the highest rating.

My friend told me about the advantages of the company, but at that time I was happy with everything. Eventually, I wanted to have more favourable conditions, so I opened an account with them. I can say that overall I am satisfied with everything. I would like the broker to provide insured trades not only at registration, but at least 5 times per month.

All requests are always executed accurately, without any difficulties or delays. This is extremely important to me. This approach demonstrates that Aegis Financial eliminates the possibility of fraud. However, objectively speaking, I cannot give Aegis Corporate Services a high rating, because several times it took me a long time to find the necessary indicator on their platform.

With the previous brokerage company, which I worked with for several weeks, the following situation happened: a limited order did not work, and I realised that I was cheated by the brokerage company. I have been working with for half a year and there were no such problems. The only problem I had was that I couldn't find one graphical analysis tool on my own and only after the manager Kai Yamato helped me was I able to find what I needed.

Any brokerage company has disadvantages and Aegis Corporate Financial Services is no exception. They have many privileges given mainly after registration. At the same time, the advantages of Aegis Corporate Financial Services completely outweigh the disadvantages.

My opinion of Aegis Corporate Financial Services is positive. I trust them and do not doubt their competence. At first I thought it was a mediocre brokerage company, but then in the following year the results made me reconsider my opinion about Aegis Corporate Financial Services. There is only one problem: it is that platinum buying is not always available on the platform.

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