Forex broker Expo Trust is not a suitable option for cooperation

Those who want to make money trading stocks or currency pairs, periodically encounter fraud on Forex. The phenomenon is not new, but with each passing day, unscrupulous intermediaries are becoming more and more dodgy. Unfortunately, Forex broker Expo Trust belongs to those who should not be trusted. This is a typical scammer who simply scams out funds. Reputation is bad, reviews about Expo Trust are negative.

Signs of fraud Forex broker Expo Trust

There is no financial reporting, no working support service, no transparency, no payouts. Expo Trust website is developed on a standard template, so the design is as primitive as possible, there is no special encryption for data protection. This is what else indicates that the broker is a scammer:

  • The existence of unrecorded commissions;
  • payment problems;
  • bad reviews;
  • publication of irrelevant quotations;
  • compulsive employee behavior;
  • third-party links on the site;
  • unknown payment systems;
  • withdrawal limits.

Expo Trust is scam, so there is no point in opening an account here. Broker calls from hidden numbers, sends spam, actively promotes courses, does not inform about risks. There is no information on the Expo Trust website  about the legality of the activity.

Licenses, permits Forex broker Expo Trust

It is impossible to assess something that does not really exist. The company operates without documents, has no authorization to provide services in the EU. Expo Trust is fraud, so legality is out of the question.

Registration, personal account at Forex broker Expo Trust

It seems to be a simple procedure, but there are a number of points, because in order to become a client, it is not enough to simply fill out an application form on the website. You also need to provide data regarding your income, your bank card and answer a number of additional questions. This also indicates that Expo Trust is scam. It has its own terms and conditions, and it does not care about the current regulations, because it is not controlled by the regulator. The personal cabinet is inconvenient. The interface is overloaded with details, many buttons do not work. Graphical elements are reflected incorrectly, you cannot track the history of trading operations. Forex broker Expo Trust encourages bonuses for registration, however, it is impossible to use them. Yes, they are displayed in the balance, but in fact they have no value. Many tools are either unavailable or provided on a paid basis. There is no fundamental analysis, and the section with training is not filled at all, as well as the news feed. Plus, there are errors in the limited amount of textual content that is presented. The reviews about Expo Trust are predominantly negative. People frankly write that it is not the best option for opening an account. The company does not care about the safety of customer data, and the domain name of the site was registered relatively recently. Expo Trust is scam, which does not display real-time data, publishes false analytics, does not create any conditions for normal, fair trading.

Trading Conditions Forex broker Expo Trust

The company lures you with an unrealistic amount of profit, as well as the absence of risks. It guarantees earnings from the first transaction, which is simply unacceptable for a normal broker. Quotes do not correspond to the market, and in principle analytical data presented on the Expo Trust website are misleading. There is no transparency regarding commissions, as they are simply not spelled out anywhere. The Expo Trust reviews has repeatedly mentioned the arbitrary charging of fees. Leverage is standard for all account types. Forex broker Expo Trust has several of them, but if you look carefully, they are the same. The only thing that changes is the size of the initial deposit. The set of available financial and analytical tools is scarce. To get access to shares of large companies or a more extended list of currency pairs, you have to pay extra. Expo Trust is the most common scam, whose commissions are not fixed and depend on the type of transaction. The company provides paid training, imposes additional services and offers to pay for the use of "unique" strategies or trading signals. Expo Trust is scam, which does everything possible to make clients lose money, do not receive income from transactions. It restricts actions, does not provide data protection, transfers information to third parties. Since Expo Trust is a common scam, it offers to use copies of MetaTrader, where it actively manipulates numbers, provides fictitious data, speculates on asset prices.

How do I fund my account and make refunds with Forex broker Expo Trust?

The company insists on using non-standard deposit methods. For this purpose, it offers transfer systems that do not provide for the possibility of refunds. Also, money can be transferred to the account using cryptocurrency and personal cards of employees. Forex broker Expo Trust does not skimp on commissions, charging them for any actions. The broker also creates a sense of urgency by claiming that the offer is only valid for a few hours, so you need to fund your account immediately to take advantage of it. Expo Trust reviews show that they have encountered this many times. It happened that the transfer was processed within a few hours or even days. Plus, the company actively uses third-party web pages for transactions, which in some cases caused data leakage. Refunds are not provided here. Theoretically, you can request one, but in reality, any attempts are either blocked or ignored. There are no clearly stated terms and conditions on the Expo Trust website, and the support team cannot be contacted.

Verification, additional services at Forex broker Expo Trust

In order to become a broker's client, you have to go through a complicated verification process, which consists not only of uploading documents (a list not typical of normal brokers), but also of answering additional questions. Allegedly, this is how the company determines individual trading needs, selects strategies and tools. In fact, this is not true, because all this information is further transferred to third parties. Expo Trust is scam, so it asks for passwords to cards and not only. It takes quite a long time to confirm your identity. The company does not train for free, as it is simply not profitable for it. Courses with big price tags and the obligatory promise of profit after completing them. The broker also offers to pay for the use of some analytical tools, and it also sells "unique" products developed by experts for individual needs of clients. So, for an additional fee, you will be given access to "exclusive" strategies, trading signals, trading robots that will instantly improve your financial situation. In fact, all of this brings no results and leads to losses.

Forex broker Expo Trust

Most of the positive comments were generated by bots. You can see it, for they are all of the same type, praiseworthy, and implausible. In fact, people write a lot of bad things about the work of Forex broker Expo Trust, actively telling about their negative experience. In reviews you can read about the lack of payments, blocked access to the personal account, invented fines and not only.

Conclusions about Forex broker Expo Trust

Expo Trust is the most common scam that does not allow you to get any income. There is no transparency, documents are hidden, additional commissions are actively charged. It is impossible to get money, but there is a number of paid services that are imposed not only in social networks, but also in the personal cabinet. The broker does not ensure the safety of data, guarantees instant profit, accrues invented penalties. It has a meager set of tools, statistics are not updated, there is no free training.


Question: Does it comply with applicable regulations?
Answer: no, for it is not controlled by anyone.

Question: Does the broker have any documents confirming the legality of the activity?
Answer:  no.

Question: Does the broker have additional write-offs?
Answer: yes.

Question: How fast is the support team's response time?
Answer: the team ignores customers, so no one gets feedback.

Question: Does the company impose additional services?
The answer is yes.

Question: Can they ask for personal information?
Answer: Yes. It is standard practice for a broker to do so.


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