SMM Limited: A Broker Without Documents

There has been an increase in forex fraud in EU countries. And it is not surprising, because many people are looking for a way to get additional income through trading stocks, currencies, commodities. They become victims of various schemes, losing money. Unfortunately, Forex broker SMM Limited is one of those companies that cannot be recommended, because it is a common scammer. The company works without documents, lures with implausible promises, and has a bad reputation. Reviews about SMM Limited are negative, because no one has ever been able to get their earnings.

About Forex broker SMM Limited

The company operates illegally. SMM Limited fraud, omitting risks, swindling money, no documents. Conditions are unfavorable, training is paid. There is no useful information on SMM Limited website. For the use of a large number of tools, an additional amount is charged. SMM Limited is scam, ignoring customers, imposing dubious schemes. It also asks to transfer money to personal cards of employees and does not provide security in any way.  In the review about SMM Limited write a lot of bad things, which is not surprising. Payouts are unrealistic and the list of assets is limited. Forex broker SMM Limited offers to use copies of popular terminals and publishes false data. Registration is simplified, but even after passing it, it becomes clear that SMM Limited is a common scam. Plus, the company practices calls from hidden numbers, actively sends spam in social networks, and launches aggressive advertising.

Documents of Forex broker SMM Limited

They are absent. The broker does not have authorizations to operate in the EU and provide its services. SMM Limited has no licenses. No financial statements have been published, because SMM Limited is a fraud, which is not audited and is not controlled by the regulator.

Trading conditions of Forex broker SMM Limited

No one informs you about the risks, but on the contrary they convince you otherwise. The company likes to make false promises and lure you with instant payouts. In fact, the broker just lures out money, does not create any conditions for comfortable trading. No one updates the analytics section, statistics and news are not published. You have to pay for the use of additional tools, as well as for training. There is no leverage, but Forex broker SMM Limited actively charges additional payments. Trading conditions are poorly described. There is no normal information about tariffs, but insurance and "unique" strategies are actively imposed. SMM Limited offers to invest in invented assets. The company does not cooperate with verified payment systems, and SMM Limited website has third-party links. Client data is not protected in any way. On the contrary, they are transferred to third parties who use them for their own purposes. SMM Limited is a scam that does not provide payments, so you should not open an account here. This company is not intended for earning money. In the review about SMM Limited they wrote that the broker often automatically closes transactions, charges fabulous commissions, asks to transfer money to the cards of its employees. All this indicates that SMM Limited is a scam.

Support service of Forex broker SMM Limited

It is ostensibly there, but in reality no one answers. Operators work on their personal schedule and almost never provide feedback. Negative reviews about SMM Limited have written about this, which is not surprising. Someone was lucky and his appeal was not ignored. But, the response was incomprehensible and had nothing to do with the problem with which the client applied. Forex broker SMM Limited is not a legitimate broker, so there are no contacts for contacting the support service on its website. To get help, you have to fill out a form on the site, hoping that someone will answer. Plus, the support staff actively impose additional services, paid chickens.

SMM Limited is illegal

Website of Forex broker SMM Limited

The broker lures with unrealistic promises, guaranteeing instant profits. There is no information about the company, the sections are blank. Licenses, other documents are not published anywhere. There are many false stories and fake photos of supposedly "successful" clients on websiteSMM Limited. Useful information is not provided, quotes do not correspond to reality. The interface is inconvenient, although what should you expect from a standard template? The design is absolutely unremarkable, active buttons work once in a while. There are third-party links and advertisements on the website There is no secure connection, customer data is not protected in any way. SMM Limited fraud, does not meet the standards, charging additional fees. Personal account is inconvenient, with limited functionality. Most of the analytical tools are provided on a paid basis. websiteSMM Limited is not displayed in search engines.

Is it possible to receive payments from Forex broker SMM Limited?

No. The money does not come, the application is rejected at the moment of submission. The whole withdrawal process is organized in such a way that no one can get what they have earned. The company practices charging high commissions for withdrawal, creates knowingly unfavorable conditions for clients. Forex broker SMM Limited conducts sudden checks, technical works on the site, thereby preventing you from receiving funds. Trading conditions spontaneously change, no compensation is provided.

Conclusions about Forex broker SMM Limited

Typical scammer with invented commissions, dubious conditions, negative reviews. It works without documents, does not make payments, charges additional fees. Forex broker SMM Limited offers investment in non-existent assets, does not inform about risks, transfers data to third parties. Everything indicates that SMM Limited is a fraud, so you should not cooperate with it.


Question: Is this broker legal?
Answer: No.

Question: Is there a refund?
Answer: No.  

Question: Is registration simple?
Answer: On the one hand yes, on the other hand, you need to provide a lot of documents to confirm your identity.  

Question: Is it realistic to get a withdrawal?
Answer: No, because the broker simply does not provide payouts.

Question: Is it realistic to get back what was stolen from me?
Answer: No. There are no compensation systems, and the company itself is not controlled by the regulator.


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