Agrobío is advancing the field of biological control with innovative strategies to address the challenges of modern agriculture: controlling emerging pests and improving production safety.

This journey, which began with the breeding of bumblebee hives to naturally pollinate crops, has propelled the company into the top three worldwide to soon pave the way for the use of natural enemies to control pests.

Agrobío now has five strategic offices in Europe, North Africa and Eurasia, and its products are distributed to more than 45 countries around the world.

About the company

For more than 25 years, the Almeria-based company has been supplying rural areas with products that are setting new milestones in biological pest control.

Its most innovative range is characterized by genetic breeding, next-generation diets and technical advances applied directly to crops.

This innovative approach reduces reliance on chemical pesticides, maintaining a natural balance in agricultural ecosystems and promoting the long-term health of both crops and the environment.

Insect breeding to eliminate pests

Agrobío is a pioneer in the field of insect genetic breeding. Its working groups emphasize the importance of such selection in order to be able to market more effective predators for pest control.

Agrobío's new Orius laevigatus Cold and Plus strains differ from standard strains thanks to their characteristic genes. These two innovative products are better adapted to temperature conditions, cold and heat, and hunt thrips much more actively.

Artificial and controlled pests

These strains make Orius a great ally for preventive control, revolutionizing working lines and optimizing biological control strategies.

In addition, Agrobío, a company that started supplementary food selection a few years ago, has created a unique formula that can feed several species of predators directly on plants without harming them.

It consists of a new generation diet based on a predator mix called Powermite 3.0 that will feed three main groups of predators: mites, bugs and mirids.

These innovations allow us to establish natural enemies early, before crops are even opened, as well as tackling emerging pests and crops that have so far been difficult to place auxiliary fauna on.

Biodiversity as a strategy

In this sense, biodiversity also plays an important role. It is another tool. Agrobío's knowledge and experience are at the heart of a new strategy that uses biodiversity to its advantage - through the management of native flora and the creation of special hedgerows.

In these islands, beneficial insects seek shelter, reproduce, lay new clutches and feed on nectar and pollen, acting as true natural barriers and defenses against other unwanted insects entering the greenhouse, reducing the influx of pests, as well as preserving the local fauna of the environment.

In this way, Agrobío continues to put preventive pest control strategies at the service of agriculture, remaining a reference production model at the forefront of biological control.


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