The 34th European Pharmacy Congress and the Infarma exhibition for medicines and parapharmaceuticals, which will take place from March 19 to 21, will turn Madrid into the capital of pharmacy. The slogan of the congress is "Bring your pharmacy to the forefront". Some 35,000 professionals from the sector are expected to attend.

"We know that community pharmacies have made great strides in their work in healthcare, but they also face great challenges that we want to address at this event. We must offer solutions to these challenges at the level of the economy, strengthening pharmacy's ability to become an integral part of the health system," said Manuel Martínez del Peral, president of the Madrid College of Pharmacists (COFM).

Three directions

According to Martínez del Peral, the congress aims to be a very practical event, with proposals that respond to all the challenges that pharmacists face on a daily basis.

Thus, in three days, participants will be able to learn about all the latest developments to achieve a more flexible, more sustainable pharmacy that is friends with technology.

For this purpose, the congress has been divided into three main tracks. The first track will focus on new needs and the answers to them.

"Here we will talk about all the new developments. Various topics such as supply shortages, integrated patient care, co-dispensing, veterinary medicines... Current issues that will be addressed by industry professionals," said Martínez del Peral.

The second strand of the congress will focus on management and quality. "We want it to be a very practical Infarma, with ideas that can be quickly implemented in pharmacies through successful initiatives.... In this area, we will look at digitalization of pharmacies, human resources, etc.," says the COFM president.

The last part of Infarma will focus on care knowledge. "Not only are we the closest specialists to the population, but we must be aware of everything related to health and prevention, and this must be clearly reflected in the pharmacy," emphasized Martínez del Peral.

"If pharmacists are the solution to health problems, then Infarma is part of that solution to progress."

Congress records

Jordi Casas, president of the Barcelona College of Pharmacists, emphasized that each new event is a great challenge because Infarma has always been synonymous with innovation and novelty. The aim is to surpass the previous ones both qualitatively and quantitatively, and in this case the figures will be very high.

According to the data provided during the presentation of Infarma 2024, it was confirmed that the event will have 7% more participants and more square meters of exhibition space: halls 1, 3 and 5 of Feria de Madrid.

"Infarma is a global meeting of the sector because all professionals are encouraged to participate in this event. It is an exchange of experience and knowledge, with the participation of patients, schools, industry, media... We want to say that everything related to the pharmaceutical sector will be at Infarma," Casas said.

According to the organizers, Infarma has been a success since the collaboration between the colleges of Madrid and Barcelona began. This shows us that joining forces and collaboration greatly improves projects and increases their impact.


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