Oil is one of the most important resources in the world. It is used to produce fuel, electricity, plastics and many other products. Transportation of oil is a complex and important task. Tankers are the main means of transportation of oil around the world.

An oil tanker is a commercial vessel used to transport oil. There are two main types of tankers: crude oil tanker and refinery tanker. Crude oil tankers transport large volumes of unrefined crude oil from the production site to the refinery. Refinery tankers are usually much smaller and are designed to transport refined petroleum products from the refinery to the market for use.

Depending on size, tankers can be divided into inland tankers of a few thousand tons (DWT) and very large tankers (ULCCs) of 550,000 DWT.

Storage tankers operate on a system in which the product level fluctuates, the floating roof of the tanker rises and falls with it, maintaining sliding contact with the tank wall.

Crude oil storage tank mixers work by pulsing large portions of compressed air/gas through a series of flat circular plates welded to the bottom of the tank. Crude oil storage tank heaters are a necessary heating system at port terminals to keep the fuel and raw materials stored in the tanks in a liquid state. In addition, a crude oil blending system is a system in which crude oil is blended in a pipeline to produce crude oil with specific physical properties. Furthermore, the purpose of the crude oil blending system is to produce blended crude oil that has a significantly higher value than heavy crude oil.

A crude oil hydrometer is a device for measuring the gravity or density of oil and floating particles in a sample of oil extracted from a separator.

The process of unloading crude oil tanker trucks relies on flexible mooring hoses that carry crude oil from the tanker to the subsea pipeline. The tanker's mooring buoy and hoses can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the tanker to maintain a steady course in wind and waves.

Oil is an exhaustible resource and the demand for oil may decrease in the future. However, oil is still an important source of energy and demand is expected to remain strong in the coming years.

If the demand for oil continues, oil tankers will continue to play an important role in the global economy. However, if demand for oil decreases, oil tankers may become less profitable.


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