This month, aviation reference site Airline Ratings unveiled its ranking of the safest airlines to travel on in 2024, based on a variety of criteria. On the podium of honor were three airlines from Oceania.

Considered one of the safest modes of transportation in the world, air travel is nevertheless regularly criticized when it finds itself at the center of tragic incidents. One of the most recent incidents was the fire that engulfed a Japan Airlines plane on Jan. 2 after it collided with a Coast Guard plane on the runway at Tokyo-Haneda Airport.

On January 3, Airline Ratings, a leading airline safety and service rating website, released a ranking of the world's safest airlines for travel in 2024. The rankings are based on a number of criteria, including serious incidents in the past two years, accidents in the past five years, government inspections, inspections by aviation authorities and major associations, and fleet age.

10. Alaska Airlines

Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines operates domestic and international flights across North America. However, it recently sparked controversy after one of its Boeing 737 Max 9 airplanes lost a door during a flight. Therefore - 10th place.

9. Cathay Pacific Airways

Founded in 1946, this Hong Kong-based airline serves around 200 destinations around the world. It's pretty safe to fly, an honest 9th place.

8. Finnair

Finland's national airline, 60% state-owned, is the only European company to make the ranking. It has been operating since 1923 and is quite safe.

7. Nippon Airways

The Japanese air transportation company was founded shortly after World War II by the Japanese government to rebuild the country's air transportation network.

6. Emirates

The largest airline in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East has experienced rapid growth in recent years. It's renowned for its quality of service, so it's not only safe, it's also quite enjoyable.

5. Qatar Airways

Founded in 1993, Doha-based Qatar Airways has been repeatedly recognized as the best airline in the world in recent years. However, it failed to beat the oceanic airlines, so - 5th place.

4. Etihad Airways

This airline, based in Abu Dhabi, appeared only in 2003, but it has established itself very well. It offers more than 80 destinations on all continents of the world.

3. Virgin Australia

Australia's second largest airline is in third place. This budget company, originally known as V Australia, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue, has been in operation since 2000 and voluntarily suspended operations in 2020 when the coronavirus outbreak occurred.

2. Qantas

Australia's leading airline, founded in 1920, is the third oldest operating airline. Its turnover in 2022 was 9 billion euros. The company is one of the best and safest in the world.

1. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, based in Auckland, is the safest airline in the world. It flies to around fifty countries and was recognized as the world's best airline in 2019. In the same year, it announced an order for eight Boeing 787-10 aircraft to be delivered by 2027.


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