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Forex broker Justness Expert: A disappointment to many traders

For several years the number of fraudsters has increased significantly in the EU countries. Their victims are mainly those who want to make money on stocks, precious metals and raw materials. In investors they see potential opportunities for making money and start to act actively. Forex broker Justness Expert is just such a broker. It has no documents confirming the legality of its activities in Europe, works illegally, and regularly cheats clients.

Signs of fraud

Payouts do not come, the use of strategies is limited, reviews are negative. Justness Expert is a scam who will call from hidden numbers, prevent you from receiving funds, as well as come up with incomprehensible fees. There are no normal trading terminals here, and the terms and conditions are not clearly stated. Support service exists in words, but in reality it is simply impossible to contact the operators.

Basic information

Justness Expert website is full of promises, third-party links, advertisements. There is no secure connection, which is not surprising, especially if you consider that Justness Expert is a fraud. The company is illegal, as it has no documents granting the right to operate in the EU.

Registration and overview of the personal account website is inconvenient, not thought out, not comfortable. It has a meager functionality, as does the personal cabinet. Everything works incorrectly, the elements are not displayed normally, the set of tools is not too large. If you need more, then you will have to pay. Justness Expert is a fraud, which is obvious, for the history of trading operations is not displayed, trades are closed automatically, the page takes too long to load. Although the registration process is simplified, it does not mean that you need to open an account immediately. The broker asks you to fill in a form where you need to specify your name and phone number. There is no two-factor authentication, no one cares about the complexity of the password.

Working conditions

Justness Expert is a simple fraud working without documents. It makes up commissions, offers investments in non-existent assets, hides contacts. Traders have access to MetaTrader 4 and 5, which can be downloaded from the website. In reality these are fake versions, where all information is distorted to the maximum. There are several types of accounts, but according to Justness Expert reviews, they are all of the same type. This is what the broker lures you with:

  • Getting instant income from the first trade. According to Forex broker Justness Expert, you should open a position and the money will be immediately credited to your account. But in the real world this is not the case, because there are potential risks that are important to consider;
  • enticingly low commissions and spreads;
  • "success" stories. Justness Expert is a fraud who not only makes empty promises, but also makes up implausible stories about people who supposedly with its help changed their lives in a few weeks.

No one here cares about the interests of traders, as they are left to themselves and have no way to get support from financial authorities, for there is no control from their side. is a scam, stay away from the company to save your money.

Account funding and refunds

Justness Expert is a fraud, so don't expect to get a payout. Compensations are also not available. The refund procedure is so unclear and specific that many people simply give up their money, saving their nerves and time. Forex broker Justness Expert does not forget about hidden commissions, and also likes to automatically reject the withdrawal request, put a limit on the amount.


On Justness Expert website you can register in a few minutes. Verification takes the same amount of time, because from the documents here you need to provide only bank card details and bank account statement. Justness Expert is a fraud, so he is not interested in anything else, because it is this information that he can pass (resell) to third parties. Justness Expert reviews also repeatedly emphasized that the list of requested documents for identity confirmation is absolutely not typical for a normal broker.

Forex broker Justness Expert is a common scammer

Additional services

At Forex broker you can buy trading signals, analytics, forecasts. Even though it doesn't work, it doesn't come cheap. Here's what else it has to offer:

  • personalized strategies designed exclusively for the needs of a particular client. Justness Expert reviews mentioned that this is a standard set of trading rules, which can be easily found on the Internet;
  • consulting with "pros". The service is paid, but since Justness Expert is a scam, it can't offer anything else. After the payment is made, no one gets in touch and, naturally, there is no feedback;
  • courses. Justness Expert is a scam. It does not teach for free, but instead actively imposes dubious manuals, guides, courses, which it usually sells at an inadequately inflated price;
  • insurance against negative balance. Forex broker Justness Expert promises to provide compensation in case of losses, but in reality does not pay anything, as well as the money earned.

The company also has a "unique" mailing list, which can be used to generate income, because it contains "super important" information that only "top" traders possess.


Reviews about Justness Expert are negative, because it is difficult to write something good about a company that publishes false data, does not provide payments, ignores clients. People complain about the lack of fixed commissions, pressure from employees, endless calls from hidden numbers. Justness Expert is a fraud. It is not surprising that so many bad things are written about it, for if it fulfills its obligations, the situation would be the opposite.


Justness Expert is a fraud. It is impossible to recommend for cooperation a company that regularly deceives clients and charges dubious payments. This is the most common scammer pretending to be a normal broker.


Q: I need compensation. How can I get it?
A: You can't. It is not provided to anyone.


Q: Deals are automatically closed. Is there a solution?
A: Yes. Become a client of another broker, because Justness Expert is a scam.


Q: I made a withdrawal request and it was rejected. What should I do?
Answer: Usually in such situations you should contact the support service, but Justness Expert Forex broker does not have it, so in this case no one will be able to help, and the money will not come to your account.


Q: Is the broker controlled by the regulator? Does it have documents that allow it to legally provide services in the EU?
A: No, because Justness Expert Forex broker is not controlled by anyone, it works illegally.

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