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Forex broker Lova Crypto: Exposing the scammer

Recently in the EU countries more and more people who want to make money on trading stocks, precious metals and raw materials, suffer from the actions of scammers. Forex broker Lova Crypto has become exactly the platform with which cooperation is not recommended. Money does not come to anyone, they do not have licenses confirming the legality of activities in Europe.

Signs of fraud

There are problems with payments, customer complaints and also no documents presented. Reviews are negative, training is paid, there are restrictions on strategies and payout sizes. Lova Crypto scam, operating illegally. Employees behave brazenly, assertive, the first to initiate contact, call from hidden numbers. The quality of the site leaves much to be desired. For transactions Forex broker Lova Crypto offers to use unknown payment systems.

Basic information

Website takes a long time to load, freezes, and most of the graphical elements are displayed incorrectly. There is no information about the company, its history, or how to contact its representatives. Lova Crypto is a fraud who does not have permits and licenses to provide services in the EU. The absence of these documents indicates that the site is illegal and once again proves that Lova Crypto is a scam.

Registration and personal account overview

Lova Crypto website is overloaded, just like the personal cabinet. It has rather poor functionality, and the list of tools is minimized. If you want access to fundamental analysis, then you need to pay extra. Part of the analytics is also paid, quotes differ from the market. Lova Crypto is a fraud and it does not update the calendar of economic events, does not publish news. All the data that is on the site and in the personal cabinet is just misleading. In the reviews they also wrote about it, emphasizing price manipulation. Registration is simplified, but this does not mean that such a thing is normal. The procedure is reduced to providing a phone number, coming up with any password and entering your email. Forex broker Lova Crypto does nothing to protect traders' data.

Working conditions

Lova Crypto, as a real fraud, hides the user agreement, keeps silent about commissions, does not inform about risks. It has several types of accounts, but if you read Lova Crypto reviews carefully, you will realize that everything is the same, the only difference is the initial deposit. If you are hoping that the broker's website has useful information about the terms and conditions, you are wrong. The only thing you can find there is advertising, false promises, links to download MetaTrader 4 and 5. In reality these are not original terminals, but just copies, and there is no alternatives on the website. This is what the broker lures clients with:

  • instant profit, which supposedly can be obtained from the first trade. Forex broker Lova Crypto thus attracts the attention of beginners who are still trying to learn trading;
  • trading without losses. But there is no mention of potential risks, which is not typical for adequate sites, because they warn about such things in advance;
  • promises of fast payouts. Lova Crypto is a fraud and it does not provide earned money, so this is another trick to attract clients.

The company does not protect the interests of traders, it does everything possible so that they have no income. is a scam that automatically closes trades and charges additional fees.

Account replenishment and refunds is a fraud, which means that you should not count on payouts, compensations and normal attitude. Little-known payment systems are used here, plus, for those who like to save money, there is an option to transfer via employee cards. Forex broker Lova Crypto actively charges hidden commissions, does not protect data in any way, sets limits on payments. Moreover, to apply for withdrawal, you need to reach a certain trading volume, which, of course, can only be learned from correspondence with the company's employees.


The website has a registration form, but they don't ask you to confirm your identity. In any case, they do not ask for standard documents, but bank statements must be provided. This is another proof that Lova Crypto is a scam. Plus, it regularly asks you to update your bank card details and answer additional questions. Lova Crypto reviews say that this is done in order to pass data to third parties.

Lova Crypto is unreliable broker

Additional services

Forex broker Lova Crypto doesn't have a clearly defined user agreement, but it does offer automated trading and more. Here's what it actively offers:

  • development of personalized strategies. reviews wrote that it is a common set of standard rules, with the help of which it is impossible to make a profit at once;
  • consulting with "leading" experts. It costs a lot, but it is of no use, because after paying a fee, no one gets in touch. Lova Crypto is a fraud, so there is nothing surprising about it;
  • courses. They are multi-level and are almost always sold at a maximum discount. In reality, they are just ordinary materials that normal brokers provide for free for self-development of traders. Lova Crypto is a scam and it  is looking for its profit everywhere;
  • protection against negative balance on the account. It is understood that the feature is not cheap, but if you want to apply for additional safety, then you need to pay Forex broker Lova Crypto.

The company also offers to subscribe to a "unique" newsletter to be the first to receive information about significant events.


Lova Crypto reviews are negative, which is no surprise to anyone. People complain about the lack of payments, transparency, as well as psychological pressure from the broker. Customers repeatedly wrote about calls from hidden numbers, intrusive advertising, empty promises. Lova Crypto is a fraud, which means that there is no point in dealing with them. You will not make money, but you will spend enough nerves and money.


Lova Crypto is a fraud, which is proven in practice. The company does not provide payments, ignores clients, deceives them and cheats them out of money. There is a security problem here, there are hidden commissions, and the behavior is extremely unprofessional and intrusive.


Q: How do I get a refund?
A: You can't. Such a thing is not provided here.

Q: There are always some failures, deals are automatically closed. What should I do?
A: Stop funding the account and open it in another company, as Lova Crypto is a scam and it is normal behavior for it.

Q: What should I do if the money has not arrived?
A: In normal companies you need to contact support and get an explanation. This will not work here as Lova Crypto Forex broker ignores clients.

Q: Does the broker have a license to work in the EU?
A: No, because Forex broker operates illegally.

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